Gonzalez, Delia/Gavin Russom - The Days of Mars

This title has been out of print forever and we were lucky to find a very small quantity. Please note that these have a tiny 'promotional copy' sticker on the UPC code. Otherwise, new and perfect.

Here's what I know; these two record for the hip dance/electric label DFA. However, Simon, who knows and sees all, said "This is right up your alley; I'll let you hear some", and he did and he is right. Using mostly using analog synths, "the sounds on these recordings were made by layering live takes of keyboards and other instruments, many of which were designed and built specifically for this music." The end result is a very convincing homage to early electronic/space music: Think 1971-1975 and think: Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Co. (that's the main sound I hear), Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Manuel Gottsching. If you like this sound, you will be amazed at both how well they have captured the vibe as well as doing something new with that vibe. Hugely and highly recommended; this is one of my favorite zone out discs of the last decade!

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