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Personel: Dennis González (t), Ellerry Eskelin (ts), Mark Helias (b), Mike Thompson (d)

"Dennis González is an extraordinary musician and composer that has developed his activity since the early 70’s. Unlike many musicians who establish...

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Gonzalez, Dennis - No Photograph Available

Personel: Charles Kohlhase (sax), Croix Galipault (d), Dennis González (t), Joe Morris (b), Nate McBride (b)

"From someone who was absent from the jazz scene for ten years, trumpeter Dennis Gonzalez's recent hyper-activity put his name in focus, as if he had always been active and simply became more and more famous. The Boston concert documented in “No Photograph Available” was one of those things that only happens thanks to the Internet.

On his way to New York, where the Texan had a gig the following day, he wanted to stop in Boston and play there with local musicians, so he sent some messages through his chat list asking for contacts of people he didn’t already know and for availability of the ones he did. Soon the group formed itself, with Nate McBride and Joe Morris playing the two double basses, Charlie Kohlhase on the saxophones and Croix Galipault, a stunning 19 year old drummer, and a student of Morris’s, keeping the sticks.

And the music, as you all will testify, was magnificent. Gonzalez had a special purpose in playing with young McBride, a bassist he heard with Ken Vandermark and enjoyed to the point of wanting to work with him – this was the opportunity and this is how history is made. For the concert, he choose two pieces from his album “Old Time Revival”, one was the title tune, plus “The Matter at Hand”, “Constrictor” and “Hymn for Julius Hemphill”, a closer for all his performances. This is live music at its best, full of energy and momentum. Don’t miss it..."
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