Gosta Berlings Saga - Sersophane

The long-awaited fourth release by this excellent, modern avant/progressive rock band. This is highly recommended to everyone who has been following them since their first great release, Detta Har Hänt, as well as fans of dark-hued, instrumental rock, such as Guapo, Corima, Makajodoma, etc.
Alexander Skepp (drums, percussion & synthesizers)
Einar Baldursson (electric, acoustic & lap steel guitars & synthesizers)
David Lundberg (Fender Rhodes, synthesizers and Mellotron)
Gabriel Hermansson (bass & Moog Taurus)

"Relentless and propulsive, Sersophane is a symbol for what is yet to come - the as of now unknown and unnamed materialised in a goddess of hope and wisdom, holding her ground in a crumbling world. The album that bears her name is the fourth record from the Swedish instrumental quartet Gösta Berlings Saga. Dark and dystopian, the album is characterized by an eclectic mix of references, combining tight minimalistic grooves and driving/aggressive rhythms with unruly noise and a vibrant edge.
Within this musical universe, Sersophane represents the will not to resign to passive pessimism, casting her beacon of light in the shape of shimmering melodies and epic adventures into unknown terrain.
Sersophane is a stripped down affair compared to the band’s previous album, more akin to 2009’s Detta Har Hänt in terms of the recording process. All the basic tracks were recorded live in Studio Rymden over a period of two days, as a way of safeguarding a sense of spontaneity for the material and maintaining the raw feel of a live show. This aspiration was present during post processing too, as obvious solutions in terms of instrumentation and arrangements were avoided in order to find new ways forward. The result is the band’s most coherent album thus far, thematically consistent with little added to the core musicians."

  • LabelIcohedron
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