Gotic - Gegants I Serpentines

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The Spanish band Gotic managed to only release one album during their lifetime, but that album, Escenes, released in 1978, was enough to secure their reputation forever to progressive rock fans.
Escenes is a delicate, all instrumental progressive rock classic that is often compared to "The Snow Goose", but to my mind is the better and more interesting album.
The band was rumored to have recorded a follow up that no one actually heard, although poor sounding bootlegs of unheard material did exist on the bootleg Tachika label.
So, finally, 38 years after they recorded, we can all hear it. Apparently the band recorded high quality demos for their second album which were offered to their label Movieplay, who, it being 1978 and the market for symphonic rock having been stabbed through the heart the previous year, rejected it.
These tapes were recently recovered by the band and this is a high quality release that sounds like Gotic but also is even more high-energy with some blazing solos from the guitar and keyboards, ala Happy The Man. But, ultimately, this is a symphonic rock album with its roots in that sound and also Spanish folk and flamenco elements, which is what always gave the band their unique and great sound.
The musicians have done a good job of this, with a nice booklet and the best quality possible sound. You like Escenes? You like The Snow Goose? You like Happy The Man? You will LOVE this. Highly recommended only 38 years late...
Note: This are NOT a CD-R; the band finally got off their duffs and made factory pressed silver CDs of this title.
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