Grand Tour - Clocks That Tick (But Never Talk)

Hew Montgomery (Abel Ganz): keyboards
Joe Cairney (Comedy of Errors): vocals
Bruce Levick (Comedy of Errors): drums
Mark Spalding (Comedy of Errors): guitar
Chris Radford: bass

“2005 was the year it all started… having played keyboards with Glasgow’s Abel Ganz since 1982, Hew had begun to feel the need to take more direct control of his own material as the Ganz machine moved off in a slightly different musical direction from his. Grand Tour was born from a long held fascination with the cold war years and the nuclear stand-off between the super powers – the film “On the Beach” was a huge influence to the music as well and many of the musical ideas flowed from the visual imagery of the movie.
For 2019, Grand Tour are delighted to have the second album “Clocks That Tick (But Never Talk)” available. The band have continued their partnership with highly talented artist Duncan Storr whose artwork is featured throughout, and the mixing and production was completed once again at Aubitt Studios in Southampton with the invaluable help and advice of Rob Aubrey.”
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