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NOTE: Cover has SMALL corner bends. Not too bad, but it isn't 100% perfect.

“A masterpiece of progressive rock, 1971 heavy yet melodic rock, dominated by Phil Newton's brilliant guitar playing and songwriting — one of the only UK private LPs that may attain classic status alongside Argus and Led Zepelin IV. Six perfect songs ranging from the melodic charm of ‘Dawn' and 'Leaving,' to the fab riffs of 'Saga of the Sad Jester’. Remastered sensitively to retain the power of the original, which was lost in all the previous pirated editions.
A string of mishaps destroyed a career that should have seen Grannie the equals of Stray and Wishbone Ash. Instead the world was left with one LP, badly mixed in 1971 by amateur engineers — just six songs. Two printed inner sleeves, insert.
First ever legal reissue with permission of Phil Newton's family and heir, the copyright owners. Sleevenotes by band members and family. Originals have sold for more than £5,000. This is a particularly deluxe edition with die-cut sleeve, inner sleeves and special art work. Limited to 500 copies.”
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