Grateful Dead - Anthem Of The Sun (expanded / remastered) (Mega Blowout Sale)

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For their second album (and their 1st really great one), the Dead produced themselves and this 1968 psychedelic masterpiece, the band wanted to re-create their live experience, but within the confines of a single album.

"The idea to create an aural pastiche from numerous sources -- often running simultaneously -- was a radical concept that allowed consumers worldwide to experience a simulated Dead performance firsthand. One significant pattern which began developing saw the band continuing to refine the same material that they were concurrently playing live night after night prior to entering the studio. The extended "That's It for the Other One" suite is nothing short of a psychedelic roller coaster. The wild ride weaves what begins as a typical song into several divergent performances -- taken from tapes of live shows -- ultimately returning to the home base upon occasion, presumably as a built-in reality check... Although the uninitiated might find the album unnervingly difficult to follow, it obliterated the pretension of the post-Sgt. Pepper's "concept album" while reinventing the musical parameters of the 12" LP medium."-Lindsay Planer/All Music Guide
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