Greenslade - Live 1973-1975 CD

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This was previously available some years ago, but has been unavailable for quite some time. It's pretty much what you would expect of something released so much after the fact: a very good to excellent bootleg sounding of some pretty great material by this dual keyboard + rhythm section prog band from the early 70s.

"After the demise of COLOSSEUM in '71, keyboard player Dave GREENSLADE founded his own band GREENSLADE, featuring Tony Reeves (bass), Dave Lawson (keyboards, clarinet, flute) and Andrew McCulloch (drums), he had left KING CRIMSON.. The best introduction to their excellent blend of classic, jazz, rock, blues and symphonic rock is the live-album "Live" (with tracks from '73 and '75) containing their best material: elaborate compositions like "Sundance", Feathered Friends", "Bedside Manners Are Extra" and "Joie De Vivre" and lots of inventive and exciting dual-keyboard play by GREENSLADE and Lawson. The omnipresence of the Mellotron is very pleasant with majestic waves of the violin-Mellotron (like early KING CRIMSON) and glorious eruptions of the sumptuous choir- Mellotron. This live-CD also features some spectacular play on the Minimoog (with pitch bend). It's the most keyboard-loaded album with hints from WAKEMAN, MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND and SUPERTRAMP. In my opinion GREENSLADE deserves more appreciation by the prog rock aficionados, it's a wonderful band to discover!-"Erik Neuteboom/

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