Gregoire, Paul - Douleur Sourde

The debut album from sculptor, musician and performing artist Paul Grgoire. Douleur Sourde" is a CD of songs. The music is slow and melodious, and often borrowed from a known repertoire. Lyrics are unique, occasionally anecdotal, always sensitive, and present a certain level of reflection on social matters and a touch of humor, while remaining dark. Pauls backing musicians are: Drae Rival and his highly unique guitar playing, with unusual and unexpected chords; drummer Jonas Slowenski, whose philosophical slowness could not better match the spirit of the album; Ren Lussier, who plays all the instruments in two songs: he handles guitar, bass, percussion, feet, and whistling; Paul Huberts vitality, his extremely energetic guitar playing; Fred Boudreault who, with his doublebass, contributes to the gloomy, rumbling side of the music; Jean Derome, responsible for the beautiful and delicate arrangements and also one gripping solo; and finally Michel F Ct, who plays drums on almost every song, but who also coordinated the project and without whom this album would not exist today." [Ambiances Magnetique]
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