Greinke, Jeff - A Thousand Year Flood CD

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“Turning shadows into sonic emotional rivers, synthesist and composer Jeff Greinke's A Thousand Year Flood skirts the edges where modern classical, electronic and ambient music converge. Working with cellist/violist Heather Bentley, Greinke's first record for Projekt in 26 years is a hybrid of ambient chamber music and electroacoustic beauty. Throughout the near-hour-long set, atmosphere is critical to the impact as Greinke locates his paired-back minimalism within a setting of spaciousness and sensitivity. 

"A Thousand Year Flood," Greinke explains, "represents further explorations in composing electroacoustic music which I began over a decade ago. This time rather than working with an ensemble I focus on one instrumentalist - cellist/violist Heather Bentley. Whether working with scored parts, improvising under my direction, or freely exploring her own ideas over my sketched out sections, Heather's thoughtful expressions fit seamlessly within my own. Heather's voice is unique, lending a more expansive breadth of harmonic richness and emotional body to these compositions." 

"In the last four-plus decades my work has veered in a few different directions, the exploration of raw sound itself and the treating and layering of such sounds to create complex and interesting textures, moods and atmospheres, has always been my primary focus."

 On his 23rd release, Jeff Greinke realizes an engaging balance between consonance and dissonance, timbre and shade, ambience and aura. His impressionistic ambient chamber music shimmers in the passing light of melodic stringed textures and shifting electronic shadow.”
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