Greylyng - I Keep Silence... (special)

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Second release by a young, avant-garde/progressive rock trio consisting of Jeff Cedrone - guitars, keyboards, synthesizers, electronics, John C. Miller - synthesizers, electronics, tapes, Stephen Zieminski - drums, percussion, mallets. It's definitely 'prog', but it definitely also sounds like today and not 35 years ago prog. Some really nice guitar work, lovely melodies here and there and a constantly exploratory sound-stance makes this well worth your attention and at this amazing price for a brand new work, a no-brainer. Recommended.

"Jeff and John formed Greylyng in autumn of 2002 with the simple intent of exploring sound. Having completed a jazz guitar performance BA from Western Conn. St University in 98', Cedrone found himself going back to his progressive/avant- garde/improv '70s roots of experimental rock. Jeff states "I always found tone, texture and sound to be as integral as melody and harmony. This may be why I gravitate towards effects pedals, synths, mellotrons, electric piano and the like.". Upon meeting John C. Miller, Cedrone found a sonic partner with a shared vision but from an entirely different perspective. Having coming from an extensive visual arts background with no formal musical training, Miller explored analog and modular synths, laptop sound design, violin (or whatever else was lying around). Together they formed Greylyng. In 2007 when Greylyng added Stephen. "In Greylyng..." Zieminski states " all of our roles are relative. Its equally valid for any of us to embrace texture, melody, rhythm, sound or space all while embracing the traditional strengths of our instruments". The trio version has led to a fresh outlook on form and composition to be debuted on their sophmore release."

"If you enjoy progressive music that can challenge you, rock you and calm you all in one listen, then Greylyng is worthy of your attention... can appeal to the King Crimson prog-rock crowd as well as fans of the ambient/fusion soundworlds of Steve Roach, Robert Rich and Vidna Obmana."-Damon Lucibello

"...this is an interesting listen for those who like their prog on the outskirts of the stratosphere."-Pete Pardo - Sea of Tranquility

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