Grobschnitt - 2008 Live 2010 : 2 x CDs

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Not quite a decade ago, there was a new set from the newly reformed / revamped Grobschnitt, released as 2008 Live. It was recorded in Bonn and Menden Germany in May 2008 and it was really good (see below).
This newer version takes that live album, adds a bonus track from 2008 and then adds a second disc from the next year, which has a complete live version of Rockpommel's Land as well as many other vintage greats. They still have that sound and fans will be really happy with this one.

"After a 17 year hiatus, Toni Moff Mollo, Milla Kapolke, and Willi Wildschwein put together a new version of Grobschnitt, enlisting friends and family members to replace those that had passed on and those that did not want to take part (yes you Eroc). My understanding is that this initial reunion was put together by the band's fan club and was not supposed to be an "official" reunion. I'm not sure where that stands at this point - perhaps some politics are involved. I do know that they are actively touring now under the Grobschnitt moniker. The band is performing faithful versions of the classic material - in other words this sounds just like you remember Grobschnitt."-Ken Golden
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