Groundhogs / Andrew Liles - Groundhogs Split Up: A Exhumation by Andrew Liles CD

Split is one of the best by this progressive blues band. I never heard The Groundhogs back in their early 70s heyday, but SPLIT was one of their classics and I have to report back that I wish that I had heard them then! Originally released March, 1972, this is an interesting updating/deconstruction/re-assembly, overseen and approved by main Groundhog T.S. Mcphee!

"A reconstruction, reordering, and rearrangement by Andrew Liles of the classic Groundhogs album Split (1971). Original compositions written and arranged by Tony (T.S.) McPhee. Remix, extra instrumentation, and rearrangement by Andrew Liles. Additional guitars by Joe Hollick and Tony (T.S.) McPhee."

"In 1971 when Split was originally released, there were {a few} guitar pedals, mainly wah-wah, overdrive & chorus (with a bit of phasing or 'flanging'). I had an Arbiter and a sound early octave pedal but I was keen to find 'new' sounds, like ring modulation. Some of the 70's bands have re-done their most popular albums but I never thought I could improve on Split, with Martin Birch engineering at De Lane Lea studios, it had it all! When Andrew Liles (regarded by some to be the funniest man) told me he'd like to re-do Split I thought he was having a laugh, but he has done what I would have IF I'd had the modern pedals. Andrew has done me a great service by bringing my recordings into the 21st Century."-Tony (T.S.) McPhee, 2015
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