Groundhogs - Road Hogs: Live From Richmond (1969) to Pocono (1972) 2 x CDs

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First the bad news: The sound here ranges from bootleg (1969) to pretty good bootleg (1972), so if you are looking for ‘sonics’, you need to look elsewhere, as this is a bit of a disappointment in that are. Having said that, this, captures the original band in ripping form, especially the 1972 stuff, which at times, comes not too far from resembling the intensity of a bluesier 1971-72 Guru Guru.

“An essential rock artefact tracing The Groundhogs from their pre - ‘Thank Christ For The Bomb’ blues roots to the final live show for the classic line up of Tony McPhee (guitar and vocals), Pete Cruikshank (bass) and Ken Pustelnik (drums).
Includes the live debut of what would become the anthemic ‘Cherry Red’ and McPhee’s seismic destruction of ‘Amazing Grace’.
A career-spanning gem from the ultimate heavy rock power trio book-ending 976 days and 250-plus live shows.”

“If you’re a fan of the band, then these live recordings from 1969 & 1972 are essential. The earlier captures the trio in transition from blues to rock, after the release of Blues Obituary and before recording the seminal Thank Christ album. You can literally hear Tony McPhee experimenting with new sounds in front of an audience - it’s brilliant and fascinating. Ironically, the 1972 Pocono gig is the final performance by this celebrated line-up. It’s an absolute treat to hear my favourite band of all time in these previously unknown recordings.”-Paul Freestone
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