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Georges Grunblatt was an early member of Heldon, appearing on Allez Teia.
This rarity, which came out on French Polydor in 1980 and which has never-before been reissued in any format, is his only solo work, and is very much in the Heldon vein musically (in a kind of post-Allez Teia trippy vein) with lots of Heldon tie-ins. This appears to be a legit reissue as best as I can tell. Recorded at Ramses Studio in 1977, the engineers were Jean-Louis Rizet and Richard Pinhas.
And look at the credits:
A1 - Variana
Guitar [Guitares], Synthesizer [Synthetiseurs], Vocoder – R. Pinhas
Piano [Acoustique], Guitar [Guitares], Synthesizer [Synthetiseurs] – G. Grünblatt
A2 - Vent D'Ether
Bass [Basse] – Didier Batard
Guitar [Guitare] – Michel Ettori
Percussion [Percussions], Drums [Batterie] – François Auger
Synthesizer [Basse Moog, Oberheim], Organ [Orgue] – G. Grünblatt
Synthesizer [Minimoog] – Patrick Gauthier
B1 - Wobberlee Walk
Drum Machine [Boite A Rythme], Effects [Connexions Synaptiques] – F. Besnard
Drums [Batterie], Percussion [Percussions] – François Auger
Organ [Orgue], Saxophone, Keyboards [Claviers], Synthesizer [Synthetiseurs] – G. Grünblatt
Synthesizer [Systeme Moog], Effects [Occurencies] – R. Pinhas
B2 - Loopie De Loop
Bass [Basse] – D. Batard
Drums [Batterie], Percussion [Percussions], Sequencer [Moog] – F. Auger
Guitar [Guitare], Organ [Orgue], Synthesizer [Poly Moog] – G. Grünblatt
B3 - Far Out
Bass [Basse] – Harald Konietzko
Guitar [Guitare] – R. Pinhas
Organ [Orgue], Saxophone, Guitar [Guitare], Keyboards [Claviers] – G. Grünblatt
Percussion [Percussions], Drums [Batterie] – F. Auger
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