Gruppo Autonomo Suonatori - Omnia Sunt Communia CD

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Claudio Barone: Lead Vocals, Bass, Mandolin, Bouzouki
Simone Galleni: Guitar, Bass, Bouzouki
Andrea Imparato: Sax, Flute
Valter Bono: Drums, Percussions
Thomas Cozzani: Synthesizers
Andrea Foce: Piano, Electric Piano, Flute

"Gruppo Autonomo Suonatori started in 1997 from an idea by Claudio Barone, who previosly playing in a Le Orme tribute band in the early 70s named Trio Popâ. G.A.S. was born with the help of 70s musicians along with other young musicians.
The band made his first concert in October 1997 at Theatre Palmaria in La Spezia as Garybaldi’s opening act with the unforgettable guitar hero Bambi Fossati, the same theatre were, a few months before, Le Orme made their live come back in La Spezia after 20 years (concert organized by Claudio Barone). After a few line up changes, from the eartly 2000s onwards, the band started playing many gigs with the current lineup.
G.A.S. has often legendary guests from the Italian 70s prog scene such as Lino Vairetti (Osanna), Martin Grice and Ettore Vigo (Delirium), Tony Pagliuca (Orme), Nunzio ‘Cucciolo’ Fava (Osage Tribe, Dik Dik).
After a 25 years long career they decided to record the first studio album titled ‘Omnia Sunt Communia’ which features their Vintage Classic Prog sound together with elements of various musical styles such as, medieval music, romantic ballads and a touch of Psychedelic Jazz.”
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