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3rd solo album, from 1981, by the former keyboardist of Wigwam who contributed so much to their sound up to Being. This has a pretty good sized band, & includes Pekka Nylund & Seppo Tyni on guitars.
Kinda a progressive/fusion sound with vocals; it's very obviously the work of the man who wrote/co-wrote many of those great Wigwam tunes, as you can hear it in the melodies he does here.

"Our authorised reissue of early Wigwam leader Gustavson’s 3rd solo from 1981 (originally on Ponsi Records) comes with a facsimile of the original insert plus new liner notes by Mikael Wiik and also a fresh interview with Gustavson himself.
Gustavson’s third solo-album Toden toistoa (The Truth Repeated), released in 1981. If he would have launched his solo career with this production he probably would have been much more favourably received. Because now we can enjoy clearly separate tunes where the band at times plays with a light and shimmering groove, at times handling ballads with tastefully glowing majesty. And above all – Jukka Gustavson sings!
The album “Toden toistoa” contains only four tracks. This hardly surprises as Gustavson has never been known to come to the point swiftly. We embark on a long journey where the stops are few and far between, but there’s a lot going on between the halts.... This extended performance contains elements that at times remind you of Frank Zappa and Steve Reich (Tim Ferchen on marimba triggers this). Gustavson’s one-man choir repeats these truths like a repetitive mantra over a deliciously infectious groove, again in astral voicings that present Gustavson at his purest. It makes me wonder what it would sound like performed by a full choir in a concert setting. It might even move the soul of a confirmed atheist toward higher spheres.
The musical and spiritual odyssey that Jukka Gustavson is on was evident throughout his stint in Wigwam. But it fully flowered on his first three solo albums. Together they form a coherent trilogy."
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