Höyry-Kone - Huono Parturi

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Great Finnish band who made two albums, which have been impossibly rare for something like 15 years and who sort of metamorphosed into Alamaailman Vasarat. This was their 2nd, originally released in 1997.

"Hoyry-Kone's Huono Parturi (A Bad Haircut) is one of those albums where there is no doubt whatsoever about how I should rank it. From start to finish, it is one of the most complete albums I have ever heard. It is, in a word, special. What makes it so undeniably special? Perhaps it's their variety. In their music, Hoyry-Kone (Steam Engine) play a strange and enchanting hybrid of hard rock, metal, avant-garde, Gregorian chants, zeuhl, chamber prog, and everything in between. Some people will refer to them as the Finnish King Crimson, but this comparison doesn't do the band justice. The stunning variety that King Crimson needed four or five different phases and line-ups to achieve (and which they never quite perfected) is here accomplished by Hoyry-Kone in one album, and accomplished to perfection (and they don't sound like King Crimson anyway). Or perhaps what makes Hoyry-Kone so special is their uniqueness. Let's face it. Despite comparisons to King Crimson and Hoyry-Kone's good friends Anekdoten (you may have heard of them), Hoyry-Kone are really the only band that, well, sounds like Hoyry-Kone. Even Alamaailman Vasarat (Hammers of the Underworld), the follow-up band to Hoyry-Kone, doesn't sound like Hoyry-Kone.

The most noticeable aspects of the band's sound are the dual lead of guitar and violin/cello and the vocals. It is an otherworldly experience hearing a soaring violin line over a stupendous metallic riff, but that is exactly what Hoyry-Kone achieve (with apparent ease) all across this record. Don't think this makes them formulaic, however; let's not forget all I said about their variety. That amazing duo isn't enough, however, for Hoyry-Kone. Instead, they throw Topi Lehtipuu's incredible vocals into the mix. Combining inhuman technical skill and precision (Lehtipuu is currently enjoying a successful career in the highly selective world of opera) with all-too-human passion, Lehtipuu raises the songs to a whole new level. Still, this isn't enough for these Finnish perfectionists. Behind this is absolutely incredible drum/percussion work, particularly on the song "Karhunkaato." To top things off are one or two extra layers, giving the music a complex feel which fails completely in keeping these songs from being insanely catchy....Get this album and immerse yourself in the blissful joy you will feel as you let the perfection emanating from this album seep into your every pore. Nothing but ESSENTIAL!"-progarchives
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