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"First official CD-release of mysterious one-off project, co-led by 3 US expatriots living in Munich, Germany: Keyboardist Jimmy Jackson, drummer George Green and Guitarist William Powell. Major point of interest for most progressive and psychedelic rockfans is Haboobs very significant connection with Amon Düül II. Bandleader Jimmy Jackson plays organ on Amon Düül's albums Dance of The Lemmings and Wolf City. He also played organ on many LPs of Embryo (Embryos Rache, Steig aus, Rock Session) and has further numerous studio credits (for example: Doldinger's Passport, Tangerine Dream Electronic Meditation). On Haboob, Jackson's effects-laden organ and mellotron (here called 'choir-organ') are quite prominent. LP is comprised of a free improvisation, a very Hendrix-inspired blues and some pretty straight forward funk-rock pieces. The end result is a collaboration between Amon Düül II and early Funkedelic. The music has a lot of appeal and those who are interested in a fusion of Euro-psychedelic rock with hints of funk should definitely seek this one out. Digitally remastered from original mastertapes and with bandstory. Great stuff!"
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