Hackett, Steve - Feedback 86 (special)

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"Here's a nice collection of music. Steve Hackett, erstwhile lead guitarist of 70's era Genesis, has pulled together material (some previously available, some not) from the mid-1980s. Following the one album and one tour of GTR (the prog super-group that co-starred Hackett and Steve Howe of Yes fame), these tracks hold up well, and could have been GTR 2. The opening track "Cassandra" is very GTRish, and features Brian May of Queen in the Steve Howe role. May reappears on the track "Slot Machine", and other guest appearances are made by Bonnie Tyler and members of Marillion and Manfred Mann's Earth Band. In typical Hackett fashion, the styles on display here range from the arena rock stylings of the aforementioned "Cassandra" and "Slot Machine" to the harmonica flavored bluesy "Don't Fall" to the beautiful ballad "Oh How I Love You", one of those songs that is a hidden gem, a joy to find. Add in some acoustic tunes reminiscent of "Horizons", and now you have one terrific collection of tunes."
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