Haden, Charlie / Liberation Music Orchestra - Live 1993 CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Charlie Haden: bass
Javon Jackson, Joe Lovano: tenor sax
Makanda Ken McIntyre: alto & soprano sax
Tom Harrell, Earl Gardner, Tim Hagans: trumpet
Ray Anderson: trombone
Ahnee Sharon Freeman: french horn
Joe Daley: tuba
Amina Claudine Myers: piano, vocals
Mick Goodrick: electric guitar
Mark Burton: percussion
Bill Stewart: drums

“Legendary bassist Charlie Haden (1937 - 2014) formed the Liberation Music Orchestra in 1969. A founding member of the revolutionary Ornette Coleman Quartet and first choice bassist for the likes of Keith Jarrett, Pat Metheny and Michael Brecker, Haden's solid tone, revolutionary harmonic sense and adventurous large ensembles made him one of the most influential figures in modern jazz.”

“This is a wonderful example of just what a live concert recording should be: the original album material (‘Dreamkeeper’) extrapolated out to the full extent of possibility - without loss of identity or spirit. There are moments when it becomes borderline free jazz, such is the frenetic playing and experimentation employed by the artists. But there are also moments of delightful humour and great pathos - the latter in particular representative of the excellent 5 star original. One more reason to celebrate the life of the late, great Charlie Haden.”
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