Hallebeek, Richard - Pain In The Jazz (special)

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This is the second release by masterful Dutch fusion guitarist Richard Hallebeek, who you should know from keyboardist Lalle Larsson's tremendously great, last album Nightscapes.

Nearly 10 years ago, Richard made his first solo album, which also featured Lalle and drummer Bas Corneilssen, both of whom also appear here, as well as bassist Frans Vollink. Richard has a appealing, liquid tone and a assured, legato style, reminiscent of Allan Holdsworth's best output.

In addition to the quartet who make up the album, Richard has invited a number of pretty high profile guests to the album: Alex Machacek, Guthrie Govan, Eric Gales, Greg Howe, etc. They all come on and give us their best stuff and their best stuff is great, but Hellebeek is never bettered. Highly recommended to fusion fans.
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