Hammill, Peter - X My Heart CD

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"The PHQ undertook a number of tours after Roaring Forties and so it was natural that the (occasional) group was on Peter's mind when time came to record the next studio album. This was X My Heart. It might have been a blueprint for future work with the line-up, but in the event there were to be no more more live shows for this set-up.
It features one of his most beautiful ballads, "Earthbound," which features heartfelt vocals and a gorgeous string accompaniment. "Narcissus (Bar & Grill)" will delight fans with its classic Hammill style, while "A Better Time" shows that he's one of the more underrated vocalists in rock music today.
Definitely one of his finest, and a good place to start for newcomers to the unpredictable and challenging world of Peter Hammill."
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