Happy The Man - The Muse Awakens

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Hard to believe that it has been over 15 years since this was released with such great excitement in 2004. Unfortunately the revamped band never gained full traction and despite playing some wonderful, wonderful shows, pooped out with their final show in September, 2005.
This, the only released trace of their five year reunion, has been out of print for over a decade, but the band printed up a few more and here they are, if you missed this the first time...

[original 2004 blurb]
For me, Happy The Man is the greatest symphonic rock band that the US ever produced. Their greatness lies in their excellent musicianship and their willingness to really 'push the envelope' both in writing and performance of the symphonic sound.
They came out of rural Virginia and moved to Washington D.C. where they exploded on the scene and where they signed to Arista and released two US classic progressive albums, eventually breaking up at the very end of the 70's.
I guess one should never say 'it can't happen', because the band reformed a few years ago, and played a monsterous show at NEARFest 2000. Now, 4 years later, finally, comes the new album, and it's a solid, winning effort. The band consists of 3 original members (Stan Whitaker-guitar/vocals, Frank Wyatt-keyboards/sax/flute and Rick Kennell-bass) plus two excellent newcommers: David Rosenthal-keyboards, who manages to truly channel Kit Watkins' sound and feel, and is an excellent keyboardist, and Joe Bergamini-drums, who is a fine player and sounds very comfortable playing all the pieces. Very good!
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