Happy the Man - Happy The Man (Japanese mini-lp sleeve/24 bit remastered) (special)

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Even lower price on this great title, while they last!
Seriously needed reissue of the first of the two Arista albums (the only records released during the band's lifetime) by the band I & many others consider to be the greatest US symphonic band of all time. They used a great dual keyboards/ woodwinds plus guitar front line, with great rhythm section & an amazing sense of dynamics. Vocals on two songs, but the main emphasis here is on really good, memorable songs with amazing guitar and especially keyboard solos and structures. This is their first album and for me, this was their best. If you like "progressive rock" & you don't own this, you are missing out! This is the Japanese, limited edition, 24-bit remastered, version of this classic symphonic rock album - one of the best released of its style by one of the best-ever bands of the style, in my opinion. This is not cut or marked in any way and is an unbeatable price on the best version of the album available.
  • LabelArista
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