Harris, M.J. / Bill Laswell - Somnific Flux CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“Subharmonic ambient doom from Mick Harris(Scorn/Napalm Death/Lull/Quoit) and Bill Laswell. Minimal, dark, and sparse sounds cascade and fall while beautiful descending tones/echoes float and drift. Breathtaking and haunting. Fans of Lull will love this.”

“This is the intense collaboration of Mick Harris--in his Lull mode--and Bill Laswell who combine here to create one of the unsung masterpieces of dark ambient sounds.
The two lengthy tracks, Digital Sonority and Capacious, are what they say, and more. Low sustained tones, rumbling penetrating soundscapes--this is maximum drone music, suitable for a rainy afternoon, a late night, or a snowbound all-day-long...or any time you need vast emotional space, a vision of things to come based on things that have already been....
Sink into it...”
  • LabelSubharmonic
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