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"Hailing from Nuneaton, England, Kevin Harrison recorded both solo and collaboratively throughout the late '70s and early '80s. While his early recordings would come out in hyper-limited editions or go unreleased for decades, Inscrutably Obvious remains his sole LP-a lost gem of Britian's '80s cassette culture and DIY bedroom aesthetics.
Originally released in 1981, Inscrutably Obvious covers a lot of ground on it's seventeen inscrutable tracks-from analog synth workouts to mutated disco and shimmering guitar improvisations. The album maintains a late-night vibe, filtered through a post-punk lens. Harrison clearly wears his influences on his sleeve-major debts are paid to Brian Eno, Robert Fripp and Manuel Gottsching-yet finds his own unique voice, combining quirky instrumentals and surrealist sensibilities. This first-time reissue is recommended for fans of Chris & Cosey, Cupol and The Normal. Inscrutably Obvious sounds as fresh today as it must have nearly 40 years ago."
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