Hart, Bret Harold - Tick Treatment (artist-released CDR in deluxeo deluxe handmade package) (due to size and weight, this price for the USA only. Outside of the USA, the price will be adjusted as needed)

This is a record that could only have been made in today's internet age. Bret is a musician and composer and he has made a project using friends from the internet, including most notably Dave Newhouse and Nick Didkovsky. There are only 50 copies of this made, they come in a ultra-nice and ultra-obsessive hand-made arty edition and they are going to go fast. REALLY fast. One per customer please.

"Well, this is now and here is 'Tick Treatment', the last album by Bret Harold Hart, multi instrumentalist, composer, improvisor, sound designer, artist, thinker, teacher...and a lot more for sure. He has become a FB friend of mine and i already got a mess of his music that, yes here we go again, that he traded for some of my own Gonzo Art. In fact i did one of the framed ticks on the cover.

I've just listened to the songs, all of them. He's got a lot influences, and a lot of names come to mind. But not necessarily, and that's very important. Why? because in the same way i always say i can listen to 'the pacific ocean breeze' while listening to those japanese records i am so enthusiastic about, listening to Bret's music suggests more than specific influences or genres, it suggests the whole country/electric blues gamut , southern rock, twangy surf instrumentals, garage jams and the urban and rural GOOD ROCKIN' sound experience in general : in other words, a whole music culture. And there is of course the experimental psychedelic/noise/art rock ethos here and there and all the way through, but i couldn't really use any of these labels to define Bret's music. Those influences always receive the 'Bret Treatment' and whenever that happens, they become something else. But most important, this is essentially american music.

This KICKASS self-released album has just come out. (yes, it's GREAT MUSIC TODAY!) and it features very inspired instrumental arranging/soloing contributions from Dave Newhouse (The Muffins, Manna/Mirage) on woodwinds, Nick Didkovsky (Doctor Nerve) on guitar, and some other players i have yet to discover. I could have even made it to the record myself , playing some Blid Willie Mctell-ish open tune fingerstyle as we had agreed, but sometimes things just don't happen. Next time Bret!"- Gonzalo Fuentes

You can hear a rough, early version of a track here - yes the packaging is swell, but there's some really good music behind it:

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