Hassler, Hans - Wie Die Zeit Hinter Mir Her

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Hans Hassler: accordion solo
"Hans Hassler, born 1945 in Graubünden, East Switzerland, is the true Swiss king of accordion. Hassler inspires the listener with his playful virtuosity, a good sense of humour and a musical imagination without borders.
For Hans Hassler, performing on a variety of stages, to return to the studio as a soloist means adding something significant to anything which has already been played. It doesn’t necessarily have to be new or different; it has to be substantial. Hans Hassler has retained something of the originality of his playing. He combines this elemental, physical and spontaneously deployed music-making power with a finely tuned sense for artistic form. Appropriately enough for this two-handed instrument, this often involves a dialogue across the spectrum between heavenly descant and droning lowlands. There are ethereal lone notes and powerful clusters of tones, and altogether a great deal of dynamics, scurrility, humour, drama and thoughtfulness. That, if we wish to name it, is Hassler music."
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