Hawkins, Coleman - At Newport 1957 (special)

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"Those who claim that 1957 was a good year for the Newport are right on the ball: First of all, many great musicians were in the best of form; check out Basie's reunion with Jimmy Rushing, Lester Young and Jo Jones ( featuring Roy Eldridge and Illinois Jacquet as well) and see for your self - Count Basie at Newport, Count Basie at Newport, Count Basie at Newport. Also significant - Norman Granz was there with his mikes and other equipment, saving this gem for posterity and future generations (both my parents were still children in 1957!) Now, to this album. It is a tad too short - under 40 minutes, including the introduction... But the opening number "I Can't believe that your'e in love with me" is everything it's supposed to be; a true swing/mainstream cornucopia of rhythm, dynamics and emotion, with Coleman Hawkins and Roy Eldridge performing at their hottest level. The rhythm section is driving them ever further : Jo Jones proves himself on drums once again, but others are great as well; no wonder Ray Bryant became a major jazz pianist very soon after this was recorded. Pete Brown's alto sax performance is somewhat puzzling, but his strange, often staccato style is at times quite interesting, reminding me of Lester Young's lesser efforts in the 50's. The rest of the album is fine, although not on the same magnificent level, but the opening number may very well be one of the hottest jazz recordings I've heard in years. However, "Sweet Georgia Brown" is also swinging very hard; it's a pity that the finale of the performance is mostly taken by Jones-Eldridge drumming duet; blowing the horns with Jones' drumming is always a much better option (although to see the drum battle live must have been fun). A must have for all Hawkins, Eldridge and Jones fans."- Nikica Gilic
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