Hawkwind - In Search Of Space CD (expanded)

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A beautifully remastered, bonus track & liner note filled reissue of the band's early best, at a great price ! This is the best place to start, as this is the 'space rock with metal tinges' classic!
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One of the greatest records ever. After a slightly inauspicious debut, guitarist Huw Lloyd Langton, and bassist John Harrison and electronicist DikMik all leave the band. Harrison is replaced by Dave Anderson (of Amon Duul II) and DikMik is replaced by synthesist Del Dettmar, and Langton isn't replaced. The band's sound becomes harder and heavier, with Anderson and drummer Terry Ollis taking an hypnotic rhythmic approach on the 14 minute You Shouldn't Do That. There's more confidence in Nik Turner's sax playing, and the band's recent discovery of this thing called a synthesizer pushes the music further into deep space. Yet, there's still room for a little folkiness, with Dave Brock's more or less acoustic We Took The Wrong Steps Years Ago and Nik Turner's Children Of The Sun. Definitely essential listening for all fans of psychedelic music.
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