Hawkwind - It is the Business of the Future to be Dangerous (expanded/remastered) 2 x CDs

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I had a dear (now deceased) pal for many years who was a huge Hawkwind fan; got me into them, got me to understand them, got me to go see them (they were great - this was the late 80s). As I recall, this was their last studio album released before he died and I always liked it and enjoyed it a lot (and what a great and *true* title!). As he pointed out, you could hear the influences of the 'festival bands' (most notably the Ozrics) on this, one of the main influences of all the festival bands. Here it is, after a long time of unavailability and sounding as good as I remember it from the early/mid 90s!

"Released in November 1993, the album was a journey in a new direction for the band, seeing them embrace the emerging Ambient music movement (which had taken inspiration from Hawkwind’s earlier work), creating a lengthy album of experimental music in the distinctive Hawkwind style. Featuring outstanding tracks such as "Space is Their (Palestine)”, "The Camera That Could Lie” and the album’s title track, "IT IS THE BUSINESS OF THE FUTURE…” brought Hawkwind to a new audience and gained critical acclaim. This ATOMHENGE reissue features a new essay and restores the original album artwork. It has been expanded to include the track "GIMMIE SHELTER”, recorded with SAMANTHA FOX for the charity album "PUTTING OUR HOUSE IN ORDER” and also includes a BONUS CD comprising the rare 1993 EP’s "THE SOLSTICE REMIXES” (featuring mixes by ASTRALASIA) and the "DECIDE YOUR FUTURE” EP."

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