Hawkwind - Onward 2 x CDs

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Brand new, studio album from the band who basically invented the spacerock genre. There's a lot of variations on the sound, but almost all of it can be traced back to the Hawks! The lineup is fluid, but names here include leader Dave Brock plus many familiar names, such as Richard Chadwick, Tim Blake, Huw Lloyd-Langton and the sound is also a little bit contemporary, but mostly nicely familiar as well. When a band has 40 years of history, you don't really expect them to reinvent themselves or the wheel; you just hope for them to deliver the goods. Onward delivers the goods!
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Best Hawkwind in (let's misuse a scientific/astronomical term here) lightyears! Nothing new on the plate, but the plate's been washed and shined, and the meal is piping hot and oh-so-tasty. It actually reminds me of the vintage stuff: Doremi, Mountain Grill, Warrior, PXR5. And that's high praise indeed.
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