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Haynes, Stephen/Warren Smith/Joe Morris - Parrhesia

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"To save you a short trip to Google, “parrhesia” means “to speak everything” and, by extension, “to speak freely,” “to speak boldly,” or “boldness.” Without getting bogged down in intellectual scaffolding, what Stephen Haynes, Joe Morris, and Warren Smith give you on Parrhesia is “the other shit.” And you may ask yourself “just what is the other shit, and who the hell markets music this way?” When you hear Haynes’ trumpet speaking in tongues while Morris finger-taps African rhythms on his detuned guitar on the tune “Invocation,” you’re not listening to a typical free jazz session. When Smith recites poetry about America being the best place for him to live while he talks about black lives being destroyed by drugs AND pokes fun at Twitter, you’re not in the jazz equivalent of Kansas anymore. We don’t claim Parrhesia is bold and different in order to sell records or to say that this music is superior to other music. Abundant with melody, space, and rhythm, Haynes’ debut as a leader is a singular experience that resonates with the continuum of tradition."

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