Heidemann, Monika / Monika H.Band - Bright (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Monika H. is Monika Heidemann, a young, up 'n' coming jazz and new music vocalist from NYC who "twists together jazz sensibility, improvisation, catchy pop melodies, the grind of rock n’ roll and enough subconscious creativity to still question where her music could have come from."
Her band consists of jazz and new music players; Matt Moran-vibes (Claudia Quintet!), Massimo Biolcatti-bass, Khabu Doug Young-guitar and Take Toriyama-drums. This is not 'jazz jazz' but there's a lot of jazz and new music/jazz in it, and that is Monika's background, but it's immensely creative and should be of great interest to the many customers here who are looking for music that straddles many boundaries.
I know that a lot of people think that I am allergic to vocals, but I really am not - I'm just allergic to bad vocalists, but Monika is a great singer and she's really pushing the envelope of what a jazz vocalist is.

"Possessed of a very fine voice and an original style, I consider Monika one of the most promising and talented young musicians that I know.”-Steve Lacy.

Nice to see this very fine album get some attention in the press, as the Phoenix in Boston called it the "jazz debut of the year"! .
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