Heldon - IV : Agneta Nilsson (SHM/mini-lp sleeve)

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We have exactly four copies available of this extremely limited edition, OFFICIALLY LICENSED, SHM-CD, which is packaged in a lovely mini-lp sleeve with obi!

Composer, guitarist & electronics innovator Richard Pinhas is recognized as one of France's major experimental musicians & is a pivotal figure in the development of electronic rock. This was their fourth album and features Patrick Gauthier, Gerard Prevost, Coco Roussel, Michael Ettori and Alain Bellaiche and ranges from slow building mellotron/electronic drones, to brain searing synth/guitar sonic attacks.

"...widely considered to be one of the most experimental of the Heldon catalog, as Pinhas dazzles the ear with monstrous assaults of mellotron, the big Moog, electric guitars and shuddering bass that projects images of a sort of music Stockhausen might have done had he gigged with a rock band...indispensable."-i/e
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