Hellborg, Jonas / Buckethead / Michael Shrieve - Octave of the Holy Innocents CD

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"14 years ago I felt it was time for another installment in my ongoing collaboration with Michael Shrieve, the legendary drummer of the Santana Band. I had also just heard a tape at Bill Laswell's house of Buckethead, an exciting new guitarist who has since become one of the most important voices in the electric guitar community. 'Octave Of The Holy Innocents' has been out of print for 3 years [originally released in 1995] and I felt it was time to bring it back. When looking over the multi-track tapes, I discovered parts that did not make it onto the album the first time around -- so much great stuff that I almost look on this re-issue as a new album. There are no extra songs, but the guitar and keyboard performances shed new light on the music." - Jonas Hellborg.

"Independent release by bass giant Jonas Hellborg. I never heard acoustic guitar and acoustic bass guitar(not upright) rock so damn hard.Buckethead in a totally different setting. Warning though, the first tune builds up slowly. Amazing improv. The sound is very good, but not pristine, but it does not detract from the music.This release is in my opion much more enjoyable than the Buckethead collaboration with Les Claypool.By the way, you can not go wrong with Jonas H. His work with the late Shawn Lane is everything music should be, sublime, dangerous, moving, beautiful. Stop reading! Get this now!"-A. Torres
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