Helmet of Gnats - High Street

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First I was wowed by HoG's great, self-titled album and then I saw them blow the roof off the joint at ProgDay 2005 (metaphorically speaking, since ProgDay doesn't have a roof...). They were one of the best fusion bands I have seen, putting some bigger names to shame. They know how to hit hard, but they also have some great, quieter passages, emphasising melodies and mood. I never knew anything about their background, but according to the notes, the group has been around since the 80s - and in terms of tightness, they sure sound like it. The band a four piece consisting of Chris Fox on guitars, Matt Bocchino-piano and keyboards (he favors a Hammond B3 much of the time), Wayne Zito-electric bass and Mark Conese on drums. This long-awaited 2010 disc consolidates this band as one of the US's best modern fusion groups.

"High Street the latest CD release from Ambient Records features cutting edge instrumental electric Fusion by a band who is at the peak of it’s powers. 192kHz/32bit digital technology was used to capture the vintage sounds and analog tones of this classic Guitar, Keyboard, Bass and Drum lineup. This CD is filled with 64 minutes of blazing yet melodic Fusion and is sure to re-ignite the fire inside the fans of this genre as well as make some new ones."
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