Hendrix, Jimi - Experience Hendrix (Mega Blowout Sale)

SKU 02-EH 544841
Note that this has a neat but significant cut in the digipack. Also note that this is 20 great Hendrix tracks - his best, really - for $3.00. Seems hard to believe that there might be folks who don't have any Jimi, but if you don't, you absolutely need this. Do you have a niece or nephew who thinks Slash is the greatest guitarist of all time? Here's the $3.00 remedy. This has his major singles (yes, imagine an artist as revolutionary as Jimi having hit singles these days!) with a stack of majestic album tracks and the career-defining live Woodstock version of "The Star Spangled Banner" on a fat 20-tracker.
  • LabelExperience Hendrix
  • UPC602517544819
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