Hendrix, Jimi - Live at Berkeley - May 30, 1970, 2nd show (Mega Blowout Sale)

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Now this is one of the great, oft-bootlegged Jimi shows. I remember getting a cassette copy of this from a friend 20 years ago with the words "THE SHOW" excitedly scribbled on the top of the tape! And he was correct. This is one of the finer shows of late period Jimi, doing songs from his upcoming "New Rising Sun" album, which, of course, he never lived to quite finish. Not sure why Experience Hendrix only released the second show of this date (although it is the best of the two shows), but this is a great, great show. Newly remixed from the original, professional multi-track tapes, this comes in a nice digipack with a 24 page, full color booklet with photos and notes. Highly recommended, especially at this price. Note - these copies are perfect and unmarked.
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