Hendrix, Jimi - South Saturn Delta CD (Mega Blowout Sale)

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"After Electric Ladyland, this is probably the Hendrix CD that I enjoy the most (I am only missing a few scattered studio releases). While it doesn't hold together as an album, being a compilation, it contains a lot of really incredible songs. The production throughout is fantastic, punchy and clear. Many of these tunes were unfinished studio projects post-Electric Ladyland, and as such a lot of them are very dense and complicated productions. Plentiful guitar overdubs abound, and some of Jimi's most memorable solo playing can be found here as well. Overall, these songs find Hendrix on a serious soul/funk tip, with a lot of very bassy, solid grooves and rhythmic composition. Suffice to say, this makes for great head-nodding material, and when you toss a crazy wah solo on top of it all its pure aural bliss.

I have always perceived the nutty, freaked-out "The Stars that Play With Laughing Sam's Dice" as the halfway point, dividing a distinct first and second half to the album. The first half is just beautiful, and rocks straight through, from the manic blues-rock of "Look Over Yonder" to the unbelievable funk/fusion of "Power of Soul"; an incredibly complex tune, with a 2 1/2 minute intro that is a hugely intricate sequence of call-and-response riffs over this monstrous Buddy Miles funk beat. This whole song is one my all-time favorites of Hendrix', and it's very different stylistically from much of his other work. The second half of the cd is more diverse, containing a lot of the unfinished and alternate take cuts. This makes for more interesting listening to a Hendrix fan, but is not quite as satisfying. Highlights include the mellow, hyptnotic instrumental "Pali Gap", a very early drum-machine driven prototype of "Angel", and an interesting alternate take of "All Along the Watchtower". Also worth noting is the other Dylan cover, "Drifter's Escape", which has a lot of the same energy as Watchtower. The CD wraps up with a rare solo performance of Hendrix sitting in a chair playing the blues. As is the case with such b-side material, its not the greatest performance, but the intimacy of the recording is such that you can hear him tapping his foot on the floor. A great compilation, recommended for any rock fan and essential to any Hendrix collection."
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