Henry Cow - Volume 1: Beginnings

Nearly 8 years after the big box set by Henry Cow was unleashed on the world, they’ve made the sets available individually!

“While modern recording technology & online distribution capability are making it easier to appreciate the full extent of today's artists' work, the same cannot be said about relatively short-lived groups from the 1970s. “Especially true of groups that, despite being remarkably influential, remain cult favorites with a relatively small but intensely dedicated fan base. Case in point is Henry Cow, a British group that began in 1968 but didn't release its first music until 1973. Cow created some highly innovative and joyous noise throughout its 10 year run and was responsible for the creation of the Rock in Opposition (RIO) collective of progressive-thinking [& philosophical opposed to the inequities of the record industry] bands. For those familiar with Cow's existing discography, hearing early versions of Frith's "Teenbeat" and Hodgkinson's "Amygdala" reveal just how far the group would evolve by the time it laid these tracks down for Legend. "Pre- Teenbeat I [& II]" which open up the 1st disc (Beginnings) & "Amygdala" contain many of the markers that would end up on the finished version, but here they're sparer, germinal ideas. Beginnings also includes 3 previously unheard tracks--the brief but knottily arranged "Olwyn Grainger," the freely improvised "Betty McGowan" & Greaves' "Lottie Hare," a neo-classical miniature that's in sharp contrast to his more jazz-inflected "Half Asleep, Half Awake," that would appear on Unrest. 2 unexpected vocal tracks from Frith reveal a nascent songwriter long before he began exploring shorter song-form w/ Art Bears...[& on his early 80's solo albums]. Still, these were no straightforward three-chord tunes, with "Rapt in a Blanket" [showcasing the band already] dabbling in irregular meters and "Came to See You" experimenting with episodic shifts in feel and complex arrangements. Both songs show the influence of Soft Machine's Robert Wyatt and, with another overdriven organ solo from Hodgkinson, Mike Ratledge.-AllAboutJazz.com
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