Henry Cow - Volume 7: Later and Post-Virgin

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Nearly 8 years after the big box set by Henry Cow was unleashed on the world, they’ve made the sets available individually! This is the period when I saw them (twice in June 1977).

“A collection of live performances from late 1976 and 1977. "Joan" & "On Suicide", traditionally associated with Art Bears & Hopes and Fears (1978), feature here, showing that they were Henry Cow songs long before Art Bears existed "On Suicide" is longer here & ends with a cello solo by Georgie Born. The Art Bears' "Joan" also differs from the live recording here in that it is shorter, with different lyrics. Chris Cutler wrote the original lyrics for "Joan" and Tim Hodgkinson's "The Pirate Song", but the group were unhappy with them, and the songs were withdrawn from Henry Cow's repertoire. "Joan" was only performed a few times, and "The Pirate Song" not at all. Prior to Henry Cow's recording session at Sunrise in Switzerland in January 1978, Cutler rewrote the lyrics of the two songs, but once again there were objections from factions within the group. Both songs were eventually recorded by Henry Cow with the revised texts, with Dagmar Krause's support, to be released later on Art Bears 'Hopes and Fears'. "Untitled Piece" was a work-in-progress by Lindsay Cooper that was only performed a few times by Henry Cow & foreshadowed some of her work that appeared later on her 1998 solo album A View From the Bridge. "Chaumont 1", "Chaumont 2" and "March" are from a Paris concert featuring an improvisation by the group, a bassoon and saxophone duet by Cooper and Hodgkinson, and Fred Frith's familiar "March" to close the set. Also included are new renditions of "Teenbeat" and "Bittern Storm Over Ulm". "Post-Teen Auditorium Invasion" & "Bucket Waltz" are from a concert in Amsterdam that feature guests Annemarie Roelofs and ex-Henry Cow member Geoff Leigh. Roelofs, who was attending the concert, began playing trombone from the audience and was invited to join Henry Cow on stage. She ended up touring with the band the following year and playing on Western Culture. Leigh, whose band Red Balune was playing at the same concert, was invited by his former band to guest with them.”
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