Herd Of Instinct - Incantation

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Mark Cook – Warr guitar, fretless bass, guitar, keyboards, and string arrangements
Bill Bachman – drums and percussion
Mike McGary – piano and synth
Rick Read – Chapman Stick, bass, and keyboards
Special guests:
Elaine Di Falco (Thinking Plague) – vocals and lyrics
Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree, Ork) – fretless bass, electronics, and ebow
Gayle Ellett (Djam Karet, Fernwood) – Mellotron, Rhodes, Moog, Hammond, harmonium, guitar, and tambura
Adam Holzman (Miles Davis, Steven Wilson) – Rhodes, Moog, Mellotron, and Hammond
Stephen Page (Stonebriar String Quartet) – violin
Craig Shropshire (Impending Bloom) – hand percussion and gong
Dave Streett – Warr guitar

Excellent fifth release by this hard-edged, Texas-based progressive rock band, who feature a lot of King Crimson/Djam Karet/Gordian Knot-styled multi-guitar/multi-layer stuff going on.
ALL of their albums are really good and I saw them in 2013 and they were superb, but even with all of this known to me, I thought that this one was extra good! How can it not be with Elaine, Colin, Adam and Gayle on board?!!
“Herd of Instinct’s fifth album, Incantation, is the band’s most dynamic and radical release yet. The music explores the band’s progressive rock vocabulary mixed with excursions into densely layered post-rock compositions and hybrid orchestral styles.
Incantation moves through pieces that fit neatly with the band’s previous work. The band also travels into new areas that take their music into new directions. It’s this “otherness" that makes this collection such a unique and challenging album.
The minimal orchestral piece Myth and Ritual is a homage to avant-auteur Scott Walker, written a short time after his death, that references his stark and brutal compositional style. The two-part title track is a trip into avant-prog featuring a superstar list of players who help produce one of HOI’s most adventurous pieces. This is also the first album that features vocals since their self-titled debut release, back in 2011.
Founding member, Mark Cook, says the goal of the band is to keep creating interesting music with no limitations on the direction. As time marches on, HOI continues to evolve and move forward.”
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