Hi Fiction Science - Curious Yellow (Mega Blowout Sale)

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“UK band HI-FICTION SCIENCE was formed back in 2008, following the demise of the band Suncoil Sect. They released their self-titled debut album in 2011, and following that they contributed to a number of projects instigated by UK vinyl specialist label Fruits de Mer Records. "Curious Yellow" is their second full length production.
The music of Hi-Fiction Science as it appears on this album is a hodgepodge of details assembled in a manner that makes it fairly hard to describe in an accurate manner. Many bands have been given such a description over the years of course, what sets this unit slightly apart from others is the manner in which they blend time-typical details from various decades together in a non-typical manner I think…
"Curious Yellow" is an album that picks and blends features from multiple decades and styles into a non-typical style very much their own, stunningly beautiful at best and tantalizingly mesmerizing elsewhere. Music with a generally naive and innocent sound taken from 1960's psychedelic rock, given a certain emphasis with the addition of the 90's and onwards post rock details, with darker undercurrents of 70's garage rock and 80's new wave. A special album on many levels, and one I'd suspect would appeal most to fans of psychedelic rock with an interest in progressive rock, and vice versa.
My rating: 84/100”-Olav M. Björnsen
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