Hillage, Steve - L CD (remastered / expanded)

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This was Hillage's 2nd solo album and his first after leaving Gong. There was a big push to make him a progressive rock star (this is back when there were such things as big progressive rock stars, of course) with this album; the album was produced by Todd Rundgren and the band is basically Hillage, Miquette Giraudy, Don Cherry (!!!) and Utopia (Roger Powell, John Wilcox, Kasim Sulton) plus a couple more guests.

This has his 'Hillage-fied' versions of Donovan's Hurdy Gurdy Man and George Harrison's It's All Too Much, among others, both of which got a lot of airplay on the underground radio station I used to religiously listen to.

I still remember a great interview I heard on the radio around the time this came out: "Steve, tell us the concept of 'L' and what it's all about." "Well, you know, it's about positive emmanations and vibrations: LLLight, LLLLove, eeeeeeLLLectricity...."

Those were the days! This is freshly remastered and includes 3 bonus tracks (over 12' of material).
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This was the second Hillage solo album, and along with Fish Rising, it's probably Steve's best work. The album mixes great covers of Donovan and The Beatles with a couple short-ish originals, along with the extended Lunar Musick Suite (which Hillage and Giraudy reportedly refused to work on except when there was a full moon out). And how can you pass up a record that's got a cameo from Don Cherry?!
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