Hillage, Steve - Open CD (expanded)

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The last of Hillage's albums to strictly feature his progressive rock/post Gong sound. This includes the studio tracks that were left off of the new version of Live Herald, as well as two additonal tracks.
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Open is a nice album, if it's taken on it's own merits. The music, for the most part, finds Hillage and his long time companion Miquette Giraudy pushing in a poppier direction. But the songwriting is actually very good (though the lyrics are "relentlessly upbeat" as always), and there's lots of nice guitar work. This release also features what was original the fourth side (consisting of studio material) of the original double LP configuration of Live/Herald. Here you'll find one of my personal favorite Hillage recordings, Healing Feeling (as well as the very cool Day After Day, The Fire Inside, and another Beatles cover, this one being Getting Better).
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