Hillage, Steve - Rainbow 1977

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"Why did it take so long for this great live set to be released? This is 74+ minutes of prime late 70's Steve Hillage and his quartet. Recorded at the Rainbow Theater in London, the live sound is very good. The band--Hillage-guitar/vocals, Miquette Giraudy-synth/vocals, Joe Blocker-drums, and Curtis Robinson-bass--is one of Hillage's better bands. To put things in context, this set was recorded about a year after Hillage's fine album "L" in 1976.
In a nutshell--fans of Hillage from this period will want this set. Songs include "It's All Too Much", "Light In The Sky", "Radio", "Electric Gypsies", "The Salmon Song", "Solar Musick Suite (Part 2)" (sic), "Hurdy Gurdy Man", and a few others. And the combination of Hillage's fiery guitar playing and the band as a whole is pretty impressive. Giraudy's synth playing is (as usual) both a great foil and blend with Hillage's guitar. The stop-on-a-dime rhythm section gives the music some real muscle and depth.
High points are many--"It's All Too Much", "Radio", "Saucer Surfing", and "Hurdy Gurdy Man" are all great versions of these familiar tunes. This set is a good example of what Hillage sounded like after leaving Gong and striking out on his own. Hillage's short comments between songs help give this a real "you are there" feel. There's also some short audience clapping between songs, but it's not intrusive. All in all a great live set from a guitar hero who never really got the accolades he deserved.
This is one of those times when you wish you were sitting inside the Rainbow hearing this in person. But since we can't go back in time physically, this live recording is the next best thing. This is equal to (and maybe better) than the "Live Herald" set from a while back. If you're a Hillage fan, get this now."-Stuart Jefferson
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