Himalaya - Namaste

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"Though each musician has it's own experiences that includes several musical styles (going from World Music to Rock or classical contemporary music and Jazz), "Himalaya" is an ensemble that is commit in a direction with "world music" tendencies. Here we find instruments that are typical to World Music, while being quite different. Indeed, the sitar, the flute, the harp, the acoustic guitar or tablas are typical instruments, but one can't find them together like here. Also, sometimes they are acoustic, sometimes electric. And to give body to the music, there is an electric bass and a drum set made of several percussions. Finally, the electric guitar and the saxophone give to this all a new colour. John Litton Baroï mainly assumes the vocals. He brings the flavours of its country (Bangladesh) and obviously transports us into the world of Indian related music. The vocals are wrapped around the instrumental part as "Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan" could do. Saskia Vanhoegaerden's ethereal feminine voice completes perfectly the space with John. The music flows easily. It's a nice and joyful voyage over rhythm combinations and strong themes, mainly bringing colour contrasts that usually are found in Oriental music style. All this, realized in a positive state of mind, gives good inner feelings to the listener. It's an innovative concept. India is the main source of inspiration. We discover a manifold of subtle inserts that contribute to make the music of "Himalaya" unique."
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