Hinds, Killick / Henry Kaiser - Xenosynchronicity II (artist released professional CD-R)

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"Four years. Four years since their last duo album. Henry Kaiser and Killick Hinds have each been quite prolific with their individual musical output during this interval. Filled with tons of inspiration to share, the stars aligned for them to work together again; they agreed they should not make "Nikola Tesla High School 2." (Though they both love "1.") So the Etch-A-Sketch was shaken blank, and a process developed to transport them through uncharted multiverses, somewhere out beyond The Deep Unreal. Powered by kombucha and homemade mulitas, they played prismatic textures and moods, reflecting unabashed (ir)reverence for the styles and stylings of the greats, and for the guitar itself, simply strings tensioned across a board, but so, so much more. A musical topic particularly under investigation here was trying NOT to fall into the same grooves and tempos that most guitarists (be the mundane or experimental players) gravitate towards. Seeking the rhythmic independence heard in the musics of Xenakis, Ligeti, and Nancarrow, the two guitarists managed to navigate entirely separate rivers of rhythm - as independent of each other as two voices in one of Nancarrow’s irrational ratio piano studies. Audiophile recording by Sandor Nagyszalanczy. Certainly this will be the oddest and most surprising guitar duet that you will hear this year."
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